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Hello, Trailheaders! We’d like to propose a community-sourced project that will benefit all of us outdoor explorer types–especially those who sometimes work up an appetite in the midst of big adventures. Show of hands–anyone here get hungry backpacking, trail running, paddling, pedaling, what-have-you? That’s what we thought.

Let’s start a big ol’ thread of our favorite recipes to combat rumbly tum-tums outside. We can keep it somewhat organized by labeling each post by one of these categories:

Desperate Lazy Snarfing – Quick and easy food bombs that saved you when you were dyin’ out there, and actually turned out to be tasty enough to make again.

Call a Doctor – Almost complete meals that you fixed up. Start with one Mountain House X, add a Knorr side dish, chop a summer sausage – you get the idea. This is the spot for all of you who can’t leave well enough alone.

Envy of the Shelter – These are the recipes that start before the adventure begins. Those of you with dehydrators and freezer bag mix ‘n match masterpieces or have embraced the REpack lifestyle, this is where to share your creative genius.

Rise ‘N Shine – Breakfast fuel-ups! All your favorite things to fire up the mileage machine in the mornings.

On The Go – Snacks in motion! Bars, mixes – even drinks. Anything to fill in the gaps between bigger meals.

Pictures make everything better, so add those too if you got ‘em!

In the future, after this discussion turns into the triple crown of buffet lines, we’ll look at ways to get it sorted out and organized–maybe a downloadable PDF or something along those lines.

There have been a number of food-related threads already generously shared here in The Trailhead - THANK YOU! – feel free to repost any of those gems in this thread, too.



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    On the Go

    Dehydrated pineapple with teriyaki jerky, great on its own or rolled up in a tortilla with cheese and hot sauce reminiscent of al pastor. Courtesy of Ricky D in Girdwood!