Alternative uses for HMG products

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The above photo is me at the highest elevation I've ever visited - Tibetan Everest Base camp, 5150m or roughly 16,900 feet. It was the last and only time I've been in the Himalayas, almost 20 years ago. The release of the Halka packs got me thinking: while I certainly don't NEED another pack, is there an alternative use for one of these more niche products that could justify the purchase?

I might be reaching, but could the exterior tubes designed for air canisters on the 70L version be used for a yoga mat and a tripod, making it perfect for getting outdoor footage for wellness influencers 🤷‍♂️?

Are there any other Hyperlite products that you use outside of their intended purposes? I've heard of camera pods doubling as snack satchels and nalgene coozies protecting camera lenses. But how about the crampon bag, ice screw case or anything else?

Would love to hear thoughts, ideas and inspiration from the community.


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    @bugglife I was told that at Appalachian Trail Days last year, someone was storing pizza in a Camera Pod attached to a sternum strap, and pretty much eating it like a horse, so there's that

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    @MARK SIREK do you have any tips on the best way to bring a rotisserie chicken?

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    I use the crampon bag to store my battery pack, phone and cables in and any other bits to do with electrical items when I'm bike packing to keep it all in one place it's all a pretty good fit ☺️