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As much as I love being outdoors, my passion is even greater for photography. I love taking photos of beautiful moments and sharing them with people. I find so much joy in sharing the beauty of this world and inspiring others to get outside.

One of my biggest struggles is the weight of professional camera gear. I love film photography but the ridiculous weight of a Pentax 67 or even my Leica M6 can be counterproductive to the weight savings in my Hyperlite pack. With digital gear I love how my Canon R5 and a 70-200 or 24-70 fits perfectly into the large Camera Pod. If I'm not hiking far and I need a killer setup, this is the call.

With being a professional photographer who also loves it as a hobby, sometimes when I have my pro kits out in the field I feel a sense like I need to be working. Carrying too much camera gear weight to take photos that are just supposed to be for fun. After several years of trying tons of cameras, I've finally found something that checks all the boxes.

The Ricoh GR iii. This little camera is so light and small, but also takes AMAZING photos. Way better than your iphone and much closer to on par with your professional mirrorless or DSLR setup. With it's small pocketable compact form and only weighing 274g this is the ultimate outdoor adventure camera.

I'm gonna grab the Hyperlite shoulder pocket soon. If it fits in that, I'm gonna be set. It fits perfectly in my hip belt on my Southwest 55L.

Here are some photos I've shot with that little beast:

What outdoor setup do you use or any tips you have for lugging around as little camera gear as possible?

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    Great question / discussion.

    I've been having good luck over the past few years with a couple of different versions of the Sony RX-100. The newest version with all the bells and whistles will set you back around $1300, but you can still find the first version brand new for less than $500. While it has its limitations, it definitely get the job done and only weighs around 240g / 8.5oz.

    The biggest advantages to the newer versions are an electronic viewfinder (good in bright sun), an LCD screen that flips up, easier access to change things like exposure compensation, and a newer / better sensor. Based on your excellent photos, the low-light capabilities of the Ricoh are top-notch, but I really like having a little bit of a zoom. Here are a few shots from the past year.

    As far as carrying goes, I'm hoping that the shoulder pockets of the new Waypoint 35 can will work so I have quick access, but HMG hip pockets also work.

    One final note is that a lighter camera can allow for a lighter weight tripod if you want to add selfie or night photography options. One new toy I'm excited to try in 2024 is the trekking pole tripod by Ultralight Ideas.

    Here's to more adventuring and photography in the new year!

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    @bugglife these are awesome tips. I definitely need a tripod/trekking pole setup. The Sony RX 100 is such a beast. I had the first version when it came out and it was my gateway into getting a professional setup. It's such a strong, beautiful and feature rich camera. I miss it. The zoom feature is such a nice addition. I've been eyeing the Ricoh GRiiiX for the 40mm focal length. I would 100% do it if it was 50mm which is my favorite. Probably will give it a try this year either way. I should get my hands on a newer RX100 too and see how I still like it.

    Happy new year!