Slot Canyon Photography Hack (iPhone)

DanM Member Posts: 7

So you're saving weight and want to capture the moment? Your awesome DSLR can do the trick but it's heavy and takes some fiddling in Lightroom to really get what you were after. Why not use your smartphone?

I technically have my studio art degree and have formally studied photography so when I'm hiking I'm taking a "real" camera (my Sony a7ii). I've worked on capturing awesome photos I'm proud of and but I have to admit I have turned my nose up at smart phone photographers until just last week.

While hiking through Lower Antelope Canyon I was stress shooting all the way through the tour, constantly being reminded to move along. I was happy with the textured images I was getting on my DSLR but when shoot up the canyon the light from above kept over exposing my shots (see below).

Meanwhile my family was able to capture amazing photos on their iPhones and didn't need to go back and edit them after (see below).

Okay so what's the trick? It's quite simple. Use "Portrait" mode with "Studio Light" selected. From there tap the top arrow to show more options and select the filters (3 overlapping circles) and select "Vivid Warm"

And VOILA! There you have it. I think there's a lot of value in taking your camera but when iPhone pictures look this good and are this easy it has made me think twice.