First thoughts on Elevate 22

skyestoury Member Posts: 36

Took my new Elevate 22 pack out for a day hike over the weekend and I like it so much better than the Daybreak 17. The Elevate feels more like a technical day pack and has a lot of awesome features, but there are a few things I wish it had and would love to see on future iterations of the product.

What I like:

  • Size, 22L is perfect for most day hikes and I also used it as a crag pack for cragging and bouldering
  • Nice big side pockets that fir a nalgene bottle, snack bags, and sunscreen well, love how big these pockets are
  • Roll top closure, just makes it easy and I'm already used to it from all of my overnight Hyperlite packs
  • Water bladder tube hole, this was a huge upgrade from the Daybreak which did not have a way to carry a water bladder

What I'd like to see upgraded:

  • Water bladder pouch to keep it in place, it seemed weird to have a bladder hole but then no mesh to hold a bladder in place which made it hard when taking things in and out of the pack
  • Hip belt pocket, this is really needed, I love having at least one hip pocket to keep my phone in for easy access and lip balm, this was a huge miss for me that this pack does not have one
  • The outside front pocket is really small and I'm not sure what to put in it... it is too small to fit most jackets, so just a little confused on what to use it for

Overall, a really great addition to my Hyperlite pack collection! But please add a hip belt pocket!


  • sockedinhikes
    sockedinhikes Member, Moderator Posts: 22

    100% same. I love this pack. I want this to be my go-to pack but I NEED hip belt pockets. And I would also love it if the water bottle pockets were a bit lower. Reaching into them is impossible for me unless I take the pack off altogether.

  • AustinHager
    AustinHager Member Posts: 34

    I've been eyeing this pack since it came out, I appreciate your thoughts on it. Regarding the hipbelt pockets, I have found since moving to a fannypack I never use my hipbelt pockets. With the versa I can hold plenty of snacks and phone, etc. It's nice being able to drop the pack and still have a little storage on the go, especially wearing running shorts without pockets.

  • tonywodarck
    tonywodarck Member Posts: 24

    1000000% in agreement on the hip belt pocket(s). Definitely would love to see those added. Especially if they can keep the belt removable. Half the time I don't need the belt, but if I do, I want pockets!

  • Jessicaholly88
    Jessicaholly88 Member Posts: 44

    I absolutely love this pack too but yes I also 100% agree it needs a bladder pocket inside!