Healing through an injury

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Summertime. Warm weather. Longer days. Better moods. More opportunities to get outside. Just typing about it gives me goosebumps. While I find that each season has its speciality, and a surplus of things to do/enjoy - summer is by far my favorite. I may complain about being extremely sweaty while I trudge up the side of a mountain, or I might whine about the sun burning my skin after a long day of riding my bike - but I still always find myself exceptionally excited for summer to come around. I do my best to enjoy it to the fullest. I long to spend my evenings outside, and my weekend exploring new places. However, this summer has looked a lot different. After tearing my LCL earlier this year, and discovering I have a very nasty case of IT Band Syndrome, my summer plans changed in an instant. I was mad, frustrated, and disappointed that my dreams of trail running, biking, and hiking were ruined. Everything that I diligently researched and planned to do this summer, it was no longer feasible. I went from planning multi-day backpacking trips to laying on my couch. It wasn't a good feeling, and it feels even worse as I deal with the pain of the injury too. I did, and am doing my best to remain positive despite the setback. I am still writing down new adventure ideas all the time. I take everything I can outside - my meals, a drink, a book - and sit in the warmth of the sun whenever I can. I diligently do my PT exercises everyday, and work to strengthen my leg so that I am able to get back out as soon as humanly possible. I even use my spork while I eat most of my meals, because it just feels good. None of it makes up for the fact that I can't do the things I love, but it helps me get one step closer to being back! 

I cannot wait to share with you all the trips that I am going to go on. I will get better, and summer 2024 is going to be the best one yet. However, I am curious, what do you do to stay sane whenever you are injured, or just struggling to find time to get outside? 


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    @laffeyy Sorry to hear about your injury! And I sympathize having gone through the experience of being benched, too! In Maine! In Summer! Absolutely unacceptable. But! I did take the time to really get familiar with all the components of my kit - looking into field repair possibilities, researching what adventure peers are up to, packing and repacking stuff, looking at websites and guidebooks, and - most importantly - dinkin' around with backpacking food possibilities! Maybe the most valuable exercise of all that time off. Heal up! And we'll look forward to your stories, too! - Mark

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    age? gender? Xrays? Current nutrition? Rx?