Climbing Gear Organization


I'm new to climbing and as those who climb know, I've become obsessed. The Southwest 55L and the Elevate 22 have become my go to packs for days out at the crag.

I'm a bit of an organization freak and was curious if any of you guys have a good system in place for packing your quickdraws, carabiners and slings? I've been throwing them in an amazon suitcase organizer which works decent but thinking a Hyperlite stuff sack might be more durable as the zippers on the organizer are pretty cheap and getting thrashed from the rock. I also throw my shoes and chalk bag in stuff sacks so everything I own doesn't get covered in chalk. At least to start the day haha. I've seen some climbing storage bags on amazon like a roll up tool bag, but those might be overkill. Curious to what you all use.

Any other go-to organization tips for your climbing gear? Thanks!


  • tonywodarck
    tonywodarck Member Posts: 24

    I found the item for organization I was looking for. Some no name brand on Amazon makes it for like $20. Super incredible for organization but I'm sure the zippers are going to break. Wish Hyperlite made something like this.

  • Jessicaholly88
    Jessicaholly88 Member Posts: 47

    Oh wow that is a great way of organising, I've just been using stuff sacks for separating my climbing gear in my pack!