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I work in the outdoor apparel industry at Florence, a new brand made for thriving in the elements. My coworker JP Olson and I end up shooting a lot of the photos for our brand out in the environment. While we’re on the run we try and pack light and bring only what we need so we can focus on moving fast and getting the best photos possible. On our last trip to Hawaii, JP came up with a sweet rig attaching his Hyperlite Camera Pod to the strap of the Versa Fanny pack wearing it as a sling. It gives us just the space we need to bring an extra battery, a snack/bar, wallet, phone and keys as well as our camera setup. It’s been a game changer. Simple idea but I’ve yet to see it in any Hyperlite product photos/marketing used this way so thought I’d share. We’ve both been loving this setup. My only one piece of feedback for Hyperlite would be to get a little more durable set of carabiners, the small size is sweet but the gates could be better. Or even better would be to have some web loops stitched on the back to run the strap through. Just a thought. Curious if anyone has found any other great setups for photographers. Always trying to perfect our kit.


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    @tonywodarck Very slick!

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    Cool new carry option, thanks for sharing. I've sung the praises of the camera pod a few times over the past year, and I still think it's a great option. I also just saw this instagram post by Peak Design and wanted to share because I thought it addressed some issues I've thought about that are outside of how I had thought about using my Peak Design clip in the past: https://www.instagram.com/p/CvpipPlt8hI/

    Happy shooting!

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    @bugglife this is epic. Thanks so much for sharing. Definitely leaning into the peak design system more and more. Love this way of attaching to the harness but still having safety with the neck strap.

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    @bugglife thanks for sharing the Instagram link from Peak Design that was fantastic!