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You never know when the urge might be too much to bear–you gotta spend a night outside! Even if it’s just a quick one, the restorative power of an overnight can work wonders. Go solo, bring a few friends, email your boss and tell them you might be a wee bit later than usual in the morning. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that allows you to pop out the front door and hike, pedal, paddle, or make a short drive to a spot, take advantage of the situation! 

Known in some circles as a S24O– “Sub 24 Hour Overnight” –these little trips can simply provide a quick outdoor fix, a time to break up a long week, or a chance to catch up with a pal. But they’re also excellent ways to try new gear or streamline a kit to experiment with what you actually need to have a great time in some fresh air. 

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So, what do you bring? The location dictates a lot of the “how much” or “how little.”

Let’s set a scene: clear skies, 50’s/60’s for low temps, average summer bugs. Your spot for the night is wooded and flat, not super close to water, but not super far away if you need it. You still have a Good-To-Go dinner that didn’t get snarfed on your last trip, and a couple of Pop Tarts and an instant coffee should provide enough fuel to get you packed up and on your way to work or wherever you gotta be. 

We’d go with:

PACK – 40L

All the volume you need - Something like the Windrider, Southwest, Junction, or Unbound 40. May or may not bring a Versa for phones or snacks–heck, you may already be wearing one.


Mid 1, Unbound 2P, or a Ground Cloth if you’re goin’ for it, Cowboy.


40-degree Quilt, Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad, Stuff Sack Pillow


JetBoil Stash

Mini Bic Lighter

Vargo Titanium Long-Handle Spoon


Platypus Platy 2.0L Water Bottle – two liters should be enough for dinner, coffee, and in-between gulps.

Sawyer Squeeze Filtration System – just in case.


Side Entry Pod – (Quilt)

Small Pod (Kitchen/Cookware/Food)

Large Pod (Clothing/Ditty)


Rain Jacket/Shell

Fleece Hoodie

Fleece Beanie

Camp/Work Socks


Quick-dry Tuxedo T-shirt or clip-on tie (for work)


Trekking Poles

Pack Towel

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

NiteCore NU25 UL Headlamp



Extra Misc (License / Credit Card / Advil / lil' bit o' Soap)

So! What's your in your drop everything and go setup? Give us the where and the why, and pics if you got 'em! Better yet, put a kit together and show and tell us how it went! Get out there!


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    PACK – 40L

    ZPacks Scout (not made anymore) which I use for day hikes and overnighters


    Zpacks Duplex - even though I'm usually solo, I like the room to spread out my stuff and if I have wet gear that needs to be kept separate.

    Flex Kit to make Duplex freestanding for pitching on rock, sand, or anywhere


    Unightie - the bag liner with benefits; Unightie pillowcase to stuff with puffy; Thermarest NXT pad with maybe a TinyPump; Thermarest 0c down sleeping bag


    MSR PockerRocket / fuel cannister

    Mini Bic Lighter

    Toaks long handle spoon + lexan mug

    Food in odourproof bag

    Hyperlite RePack for rehydrating


    2 .6L Smart Bottles + .6L Platypus filter reservoir

    Platypus QuickDraw


    Zpacks Multipack "lid" for pack - for quick access like rainjacket and lunch

    .5L titanium pot + .25 titanium frying pan; MSR grabber

    Zpacks dry bags: 4L for sleeping bag; 4L for clothes; 4L tall and slim for mattress; 10L for food


    Keen waterproof hiking boots - mini gaitors if scree-running

    Zero sandals for camp

    Rain Jacket

    Patagonia Houdini Wind jacket 2.5 oz

    Convertible pants

    Buff maybe

    Puffy down hoodie - always

    Hiking Socks / camp socks / gortex socks


    T-shirt maybe


    Rainpants maybe

    Overmitts maybe

    Sunhat maybe

    Gloves / scrambling gloves (also for gathering wood)


    Trekking Pole - for crossings and stabilizing tent

    Fire starter + tiny paper

    12" x 12" Pack Towel; 2 tiny hankies

    Toothbrush and tooth tabs

    Trowel + Toilet paper - counted out in ziploc

    Powdered soap / Leukotape maybe

    Bear hang kit

    Tiny customized waterproof map maybe

    PermitsBug net + oil maybe

    InReach Mini maybe

    iPhone with offline maps

    A few pins

    Some items may differ in the photo below depending on conditions:

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    For a summer overnight, I've got this set up coming in at an 8.5lb base weight.


    SHELTER - HMG FLAT TARP with MSR ground sheet, Big Agnes tent stakes & Dutchwear Continuous Ridgeline. I'd add my MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2p if the bugs will be nasty (adds a pound to the base weight)

    SLEEP SYSTEM - Big Agnes Zoom UL, Sea to Summit Traveller quilt, Sea to Summit Aeros Premium pillow.

    KITCHEN - MSR Titan kettle & Pocket Rocket, GSI pot scraper, Handmade Recycled pearwood spoon, self made bear hanging kit, mini BIC, Platypus collapsible water bottles, Sawyer Mini.

    CLOTHING/SHOES - Patagonia Capilene graphic tee as a sleep shirt. Extra Injinji socks & Exofficio underwear. Worn weight shown, including Capilene hoody & Topo Mnt Racer 2s. I would pack a midlayer or shell depending on the weather.

    - General toiletries, electronics, small self made first aid kit. And a small emergency kit that is optional depending on the trip and skill level.

    Full list here.

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    @HeatherW SUPER buttoned up! All of us here at HMG are curious to see how many people find ways to live out of an Elevate 22 - your setup is lookin' good!