Ultamid 2 for Glacial Camping in the PNW

PeakWalker Member Posts: 9

Hey, all! Acquired an Ultamid 2 earlier this year and have been loving that mid-life!

I’m headed to Washington next week and will likely be doing some camping on glaciers on both Glacier Peak and Mount Shuksan. I’ve got some 8” nail stakes from Big Sky that are fantastic for my Norma backpacking and hiking uses of the UM2, but I’m planning to use this tent for any and all camping this coming week. I did acquire some wider/heavier snow and sand stakes to use if needed. I’d love to use the lighter mail stakes (even if I had to deadman them) but can use the snow stakes instead for more ease of use, even though they’re heavier than the excellent nail stakes.

Any pro-tips from folks who’ve used the UM2 for glacial camping in the North Cascades? Thanks! :)


  • ianprovo
    ianprovo Member Posts: 3

    Deadman stakes work great. I like to use sticks if I have access to wood. That way I can just yank em out without fully digging out each deadman. That said, you don't need to bury them more than a foot. Less even if the snow is consolidated. I've made the mistake of burying really nice stakes/snow stakes too deeply, spending a lot of time digging them out. Ice ax works great for installation and extraction.

  • quiggleryan
    quiggleryan Member Posts: 46

    Make sure to pack some warm gear. And definitely take an ice ax with you. You’re going to need it a lot more than you think! I would also recommend some down socks for the extra cold night. A great investment!