Any quick release solutions for attaching the Camera Pod?

ShaunO Member Posts: 2

Really like the camera pod, have used it in Iceland on 2 trips and was able to attached the provided caribeaners to the sternum strap on my camera backpack. Worked well, buckle held the pod on the strap so I could simply release the stermun strap to take off the pack and the pod would stay on the sternum strap.

I now have a HMG Unbound 40 pack and the sternum strap buckle is too small to hold the pod on the strap. Looking for a solution for a quick release way to attached the camera pod to the Unbound 40. Anyone come up with a good soution for this? Fiddling with the small caribbeaners every time the pack comes off and goes on is slow and a PITA.

Cheers, Shaun