Using Gear for Daily Living

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Hey Everyone,

One of my favourite things about my hiking gear is when I get to use it in everyday life. My UL trowel doesn't come in handy that often when I'm at home but my packs sure do! I thought it would be cool to see how people are using their HMG gear off-trail.

While I don't have a picture I recently found that the Unbound 40 works great as a carry-on, especially since you can remove the hipbelt.

Works great as a beach bag

And at the farmers market!


  • quiggleryan
    quiggleryan Member Posts: 45

    Oh I love to use my hyperlite gear when I’m on the go. The packs come in handy when I am traveling! The tote bags are a great way to save the environment and use them as reusable bags for shopping and for getting groceries! I love finding new way to use the gear not just on the trail!

  • TenDigitGrid
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    My wife and I are the most rugged people at the grocery store.... love our white GOAT Totes lol

  • TenDigitGrid
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    @quiggleryan cant wait to run into you at the grocery store! I dream of the time my wife and I meet someone else with a GOAT Tote in the grocery store lol

  • Jessicaholly88
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    Oh we are also big lovers of the goat toats we use them for everything! Great at organising things in our campervan too 😄