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Your pack, loaded with just what you need. Your schedule, whether it be when you wake up, your meal routine, how much you do or don’t feel like hiking in a given timeframe, and when you want to call it a day. There’s a lot to love about solo backpacking, and for those that wouldn’t have it any other way, we’re pleased to present the all-new MID 1 ultralight one-person, fully enclosed, three-season shelter. 

Built with our time-tested and preferred Dyneema© Composite Fabrics and off some of the proven attributes of our legendary UltaMid 2 and 4-person shelters, the MID 1, with a weight of less than 17.4 oz, offers those who adventure to the beat of their own drum exceptional protection from the elements be it wind or rain, easy-to-adjust interior climate control, top-shelf construction, and the very high likelihood of relaxing nights after long days.

Utilizing one pole and as few as four stakes from the seven strategically placed, reinforced perimeter tie-out options, the MID 1 can be quickly pitched to provide a quiet refuge in a variety of landscapes and environments. Opening the large crescent door can be done with one hand, and door tie-outs can be easily switched out depending on which side of the roomy vestibule you want to enter and exit the dwelling.

The six-inch bathtub wall extends above the mesh skirt to help mitigate the chances of water entering from underneath the fly, and dual peak vents help with airflow and condensation management. Other helpful features like mesh and magnetic doorkeepers and a built-in storage pocket add to the livability.

You know exactly what you want out of your time in wild places. See your vision through, just the way you like it, with the MID 1.


  • TenDigitGrid
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    Looks like a dream solo tent! HMG really pumping out all the great new gear this year!

  • MHerb
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    Nice work HMG! Lots of attention to detail put into the design, which is not uncommon with your products. This would also be a great shelter for 'Vol-Biv', fly (paraglide) and camp folk who are always interested in shaving off grams to save weight and room in the pack.

    Definitely going to be putting this one on the wishlist for future adventures.

  • bugglife
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    @MHerb excuse me? Vol-Biv? Is that what this picture is of? I want to know more! Can you share more photos? This is a brand new way to adventure and after a little bit of googling, I want to know more.

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    Thanks for the interest @bugglife!

    Vol Biv, is loosely translated as 'fly and camp'. The idea is to pack food/water, shelter and gear into your harness and fly (paraglide) any length of distance, which can be a short glide across the valley or 10-200+ km down the valley or over several mountain ranges. Launching (taking off) once the thermal activity has picked up enough (typically around 11-12am) to keep you in the air with the goal to land high up on the mountain and spend the night. Though we try to keep the hiking to a minimum (as it's not the goal with this niche activity), we often have to land low in the valley and hike up to the next camp/launch site. Having lightweight, quality gear is essential, the HMG Mid 1 is perfect!

    People have completed vol bivs over 1000+ km.

    The picture above was on a 108 km flight down the Canadian Rocky Mountain Trench, specifically from Golden to Invermere BC on a beauty day. I highly recommend if you've ever had an interest in learning to fly, pursue it, it will change your life!

    The picture below was from a 2.5hr evening flight coming into land just before the sunsets.

  • bugglife
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    @MHerb That sounds super rad, I appreciate the additional info. While I am usually more bipedally focused, going over 100K in a day without using a motor sounds pretty excellent, the views look amazing, and the idea of doing this as a multi-day adventure only adds to the fun. I have never been more interested in getting involved in canopy sports. Thank you for sharing about this niche activity. One final question - I know you said the goal is to keep hiking to a minimum, but how much do your packs weigh (average) when you do hike?

  • MHerb
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    @bugglife, a rough estimate of pack weight (which includes the wing, harness, food, water, stove, shelter, sleeping pad and bag, navigation, personal items, etc..) is 40-50lbs.

    I fly with 4L of water on trips like these, as sometimes you have to land high and there are no water sources available. I'll be cutting a bit of weight with some HMG items in the near future.

    I'll post some photos of the kit within the next few weeks and hopefully include some trip pics as well.

  • quiggleryan
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    I love the new design! Cant wait to get my hands on one and to use it on the trail! I think utilizing the need for one pole is a great choice! Save weight and save gear!

  • bugglife
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    @MHerb looking forward to seeing the photos when you get a chance. Saving weight w HMG products is always a benefit to the outdoor adventures.

  • Jessicaholly88
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    I love these, I can't wait to get one to take out bike packing it will make the perfect set up being so small packing into my bike bag!