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Words and photos from Josh “Soulslosher” Sheets @Josh_Sheets

WELCOME to the final DEAL OF THE DAY from Damascus, Virginia for Appalachian Trail Days 2023! We’ve had a most excellent time with all the AT thru hikers past and present that came through to celebrate one of the best trails in the world! 

We’re stoked to share our last special of the event! 

Today: 15% OFF ALL PACK ACCESSORIES! Shoulder Pockets, Bottle Pockets, Versa, Vice Versa–all the things you need to organize the exterior of your pack to make life on trail easier!

This special offer starts at 8 a.m. EST and ends 5/22 at 7:59 a.m. EST! Use the code DOTDACCESS15 at checkout to save!

*This offer excludes third party accessories.

*This offer excludes the Elevate 22 technical daypack and the MID 1 solo shelter.

It is my humble opinion that to get the most out of your Hyperlite pack experience, some pack accessories are a good choice. I personally use the Shoulder Pocket to store my cell phone. Also, I use the Versa fanny pack to house my wallet, reading/sunglasses, and a day or two of meds. in a pill holder and, at times, my phone. But the usefulness doesn't stop there... snacks, maps, mace, and essentially anything you can think of, if it'll fit!

Sporting a fanny pack on trail has been a game changer for moi. It is extremely versatile! Although, I must admit, I am old enough to remember a time when I thought fanny packs were something my Dad would have found cool and useful. Regardless, I love having everything of importance right in front of me and on my person should I drop my pack to go down to a water source or go walking around town. Most short-shorts hikers wear nowadays don't have pockets. Thus, our fanny pack solves the storage problem when you are doing town chores or have dropped your pack at your room.

We have built our pack accessories to last and withstand the elements. We use Dyneema fabric, bound our seams for added strength, and water-resistant zippers. Our accessories can be fitted a number of ways to our packs... whether on daisy chains (should pocket or bottle pocket) or to the actual pack buckles (fanny packs). We pride ourselves on providing great products that you can use in a variety of ways... letting YOU, the outdoor enthusiast, do your own thing!

After checking out our pack accessories and perhaps indulging in some retail therapy-- with a discount code!  DOTDACCESS15 -- if you cannot be at Trail Days, read on for daily commentary and summaries of the day’s goings on!

Thanks for tagging along! I hope you have enjoyed the Deals of the Day, Trail Days commentary, and hopefully snagged some new gear! Cheers!