Far and Wide

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The next couple of years are shaping up to be wild ones! First off, I will absolutely never complain when life feels difficult to plan, because I believe monotony is the fastest way to forget large portions of your life. To help me find some structure, and potentially to learn about some great opportunities I'd otherwise miss, I'm hoping some of you can help! I've put a few posts like this out before, and you've all helped each time. What climbs, backpacking trails, treks, scuba dives, or whatever else would you recommend in the following places:

  • Northern Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • North Island of New Zealand
  • South Island of New Zealand
  • Australia
  • French Polynesia

I will not be traveling to every one of these places (unfortunately), but they are all on the table!

In case you've never travelled to any of these places, feel free to also send over your favorite routes from ANYWHERE! The plan is to see the whole world over time, so I'm always keen to note some of the memorable places other people have experienced. I just love stories; living them, hearing them, and telling them, so please chime in!