Thru-hiking the JMT 22’/Thru-hiking the CT 23/ future thru-hiking goals and aspirations

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Hey Trail fam!

My names Chris and I live in the great PNW. Washington state is my home and I started backpacking at the end of year 2019’. I quickly became infatuated with the backcountry and did the WT in 2021’ for my first thru-hike. I continue to explore the great PNW and all it has to offer. My mind is set for thru-hiking the CT this summer in mid to late July going SOBO.

JMT 22’ and thru-hiking aspirations/goals

The JMT is one of those experiences you’ll never forget. I completed the JMT (John Muir Trai) last July. The trail is 211 miles and is know as one of the most beautiful trails in the United States. The Colorado Trail, or better known as the “CT,” is my next thru-hike I’m looking forward to taking on, and it’s roughly 500 miles. I’m going to continue to expand my backpacking and thru-hiking experiences, and continue to push myself to do more. Depending on my CT experience, I will most likely do one of the Tripple Crown 👑  trails to follow, and ultimately complete the triple crown. Being in the backcountry has become a passion and dream, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you all ✌🏾🎒🏔️🏕️