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Hey, Trailhead Members!

Many of you have asked about garnishing your posts with video, so we thought we'd share how to make it happen.

When you're logged in:

  1. Scroll down and on the right column, click “New Post” and then “New Discussion”
  2. In the bottom of your main message body box, there are four icons: "Emoji," "Photo," then "Media," followed by "Attachment." 'Click on the "Media” icon.
  3. Go to your YouTube video of choice and click “Share” under the video player. Then copy and paste the shareable link into the URL space of the "Insert Media" pop up box.
  4. Click “Insert” and the video will appear in the copy box and be ready to share!
  5. Same for Vimeo- just make sure your video is either public or embeddable!

For trip stories, demonstrations, or just adding something cool you saw relevant to your post, you've got another way to share what's on your mind!