Not exactly gear, but HMG should make patches


My hiking partner for the last third of the AT wore a white HMG pack. Until I hiked with her, I hadn't realized how discrete most UL packs are with their branding. The reality is that hikers learn by colors and patterns. I can recognize a ULA Circuit at a glance because my hiking partner on the CDT wore one. There's no clear branding on it whatsoever. Meanwhile, my album from the AT looks like a Hyperlite ad.

I love taking pictures of hikers. The HMG logo is visible somewhere from pretty much any angle. The only issue is that those iconic white packs get dirty fast, and no amount of washing brings a pack back to its original shine. I lightened the dirty logo a bit on these two shots, but replacement/add-on patches would be amazing for photographers. Just a thought.


  • bergstromra
    bergstromra Member Posts: 20

    Love this idea, would love a NOSO-like HMG patch for whenever I need to doctor up my puffy or quilt.

  • tradigan21
    tradigan21 Member Posts: 28

    I don't understand photographers. I'm going to call you out when your pack is shiny and white. Mostly because I love it when people do that to me. "Oooohh, look at that shiny new pack, she's so pretty! You ever taking that thing outside?"

    It's gear, it's supposed to be filthy and falling apart or you're not doing enough.

    Thru-hikers think they spend the most time out there. They don't. Look at that pack! How brown can I get it?