Best Larch Hikes in WA


I know it's already snowing in most places, but fall in the PNW is my favorite and I'm still thinking about my favorite hikes for amazing golden larches. So here's a few suggestions for the best larch hikes in WA (in my opinion).

  1. The Enchantments - I did a one day through hike in 2021 and it was a great way to see all of the larches without a permit for camping, but I was also lucky to get an early October Core permit a few years ago and that was magical. If you can't make it into the Core Zone, Colchuck Lake has larches and good views as well.
  2. Wing Lake & Black Peak - Best done as an overnight to catch the sunrise, but can easily be done in a day. This hike and scramble has amazing larches along the way and can be combined with the next hike for a full day.
  3. M aple Pass Loop - Super popular and crowded but beautiful. Do it on a week day to avoid some of the crowds, and start super early. It will be packed by 10am.
  4. Lake Ingalls - A beautiful larch hike that though well known, doesn't feel too crowded on week days. There are amazing larch views along the ridge line and before the lake, but no larches at the lake.
  5. Fern Lake - A long hike in the Entiat that is best done as an overnight. Most of the hike in is through a burned zone so not really pretty, but the lake is stunning and surrounded by larches.