Climbing in The Bugaboos

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In July my partner and I spent four days in The Bugaboos climbing. This is such an amazing climbing destination, but also a very beautiful backpacking trip.

We each had about 15lbs of climbing gear and a ton of food on top of our sleep system and cloths, so we decided to make two trips in and carried all our food and tent plus sleep system up the night before we started our trip. This worked well for us to make the trips up more enjoyable. The second day and start of our trip, we carried up all of our climbing gear (mountain boots, ice axes, crampons, a single rack of cams and nuts, harnesses, and a single 70M rope) along with our clothing.

During the trip we climbed Lions Way on Crescent Spire which was a fun and beautiful 5.7 multipitch, along with Pigeon Spire. The climb up Bugaboo Col was steep but the snow was in perfect condition and we arrived to the top just after sunrise. The glacier crossing to Pigeon Spire was stunning and one of the highlights of the trip for me.

After several days of climbing, we packed up and hiked out all in one push carrying about 40lbs each in our HMG Southwest 55 packs. Having 55L was perfect for this trip. I also used my camera pod and all of our stuff sacks. Wish I would have had my HMG quilt in time for this trip, but will take it up next time.