Favorite Fleece

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What is your favorite fleece brand?

I know there is the very popular Melanzana- which, yes, I am in love with too and have my fair share of them...but we all know they are hard to come by because you can't buy online (unless it's used, but people resell for so much.).

Was curious if anyone has found a brand similar to Melly's that they love? I have found the brand Youer (women's only), and plan to try them out soon.



  • tina
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    Senchi - 3 to 5 oz, alpha fleece, same availability issues as Melanzana

    Patagonia Micro D - 5 to 7 oz, brushed fleece

    Patagonia Cap Air - Merino wool/synthetic blend, 4 to 6 oz

    Used all of these in the backcountry and love them all. My go-to these days is the Senchi.

    Melly hoodies aren't all that lightweight, usually 12 to 15 oz per item. More of a cult/status thing!

  • sashaswashut
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    @tina Thanks! I’ll have to look up the brand Senchi- I haven’t heard of them. Bummer that the availability on those is like Melanzana, though!

  • snechemias
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    For very light I like the kuiu peleton 97 and mountain hardwear air mesh more than alpha fleeces. Both my partner and I have alpha fleeces and we never seem to wear them anywhere but the couch 🤣. Hers is a Senchi and mine is a Vado. Obviously personal preference, I just find alpha particularly susceptible to wind.

    Heavier duty I like the mountain hardwear microchill, and the traditional R1.

  • katethewild
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    I second the Senchi fleece, super warm and lightweight. It is susceptible to wind, but that’s what makes it great for me. You can hike in it for miles without overheating. If the wind is too cold just throw on your rain jacket and it will trap in the heat.

    If you’re having trouble getting one, there are other small businesses that make the Alpha Fleeces- one being FarPointe Outdoor Gear.


  • Jessicaholly88
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    I love my arcteryx delta fleece, always keeps me warm and I love how well arcteryx fits and how small it packs down in my pack

  • quiggleryan
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    I love to use my senchi. I have found that it is a great base layer and also an amazing fleece at night to sleep in or use with a wind breaker to keep me warm at night when the sun goes down! I think that you should check them out when they have drops!

  • bergstromra
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    I’m very satisfied with my Senchi Merlin after taking it on the CDT this year. Like Kate said, it doesn’t do excellent in the wind, but you can always trap that heat in with a rain/wind shell. I was hiking it in every single day, even in the desert. While it’s not UV rated, it did the job when I was seeking shade and didn’t want to slather on spf just yet. In all the miles, the fabric didn’t unravel or ball up and I only came away with one.

  • Jessicaholly88
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    Absolutely love my arcteryx delta fleece, I always make sure I have it with me

  • woolyFKT
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    Not doing great in the wind = breathable. Wore it this morning running to work in -8C. Perfect combo of breathable and warm with a wicking layer underneath. With a windshell it becomes warm. Very versatile.

    It is not abrasion resistent though.