The Bugaboos

swbugas Member Posts: 46

This picture is of course not from the Bugaboos. In this moment, though, I was planning all kinds of future trips... I'm slowly focusing more on the climber I want to be, and part of that process involves the necessity of objectives. What type of climbing is relevant, what gear is needed, where can my efficiencies improve (absolutely everywhere by 1000%...)?

I'm curious if anybody on here has climbed up in the Bugaboos? If so, please use this as a chance to beta spray, gear list, reminisce...Anything! I'm definitely building a lot of stoke, and I'd love to share that with others!

Also, please feel free to expand on other amazing climbing places you guys prefer! I have some distinct goals, for sure, but they rapidly change, and I'm easily inspired. Photography is a big part of my journey's, so the more beautiful the setting, the more points to you!