How to become a professional ice walker

drdolittle Member Posts: 1

While hiking the Sierra in the early season this year I encountered a lot of snow covered passes. I had my micro spikes and my ice axe and knew how and when to use them both. I successfully and safely navigated all of the snow that came my way, I couldn't help but notice that even after 400 miles I still got a deep pit in my stomach whenever I saw a snow traverse. I am wondering how other have found success in becoming confident while going through snowy areas.


  • Jessicaholly88
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    Have you considered a winter skills course? Atleast Here in the UK we run loads through the winter in Scotland! They cover how to cross snow properly, different crampon techniques and even rescue, they set you up perfectly if you are new/nervous in winter conditions.

  • swbugas
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    Maps go a long ways. You can usually determine suspect areas ahead of time, then use winter skills to navigate possible snow bridges, or other hazards. The more you know, the better you feel!

  • tina
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    Second the winter skills course. As a born 'n' bred southerner, I've taken a few on popular mountain areas in the US (Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams) usually as part of a guided climb package. You'll get to practice rope skills, self-arrest with an ice axe, and walk through snowfields to gain experience. I would not have felt comfortable carrying an ice axe through the Sierra without proper instruction and practice beforehand. Definitely recommend!