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I traditionally come from a bike touring background. I recently have moved to New Zealand and have left my old school touring bike back home in the states. Now what I have left is a small budget, gravel bike, and a large quantity of backpacking related gear.

I have a rack, and plan on doing some of the simple hacks (strapping dry bag to the handle bars and rear rack, throwing a small bag in the frame, etc.) to make the most use of what I have. But I am planning on doing an over night trip, on the St. James track here in NZ. It's around 60 miles and just one night, so I could get away with around 20 to 30L of storage.

Any advice on riding with a backpack? Do you use the hip belt? Rest part of it on your seat? Have a weight limit? I have seen tons of people in photos rocking a Hyperlite backpack while on a bike. In the past, I would never dream of being out on a bike with my backpack, for longer than a few miles. Due to circumstances I am opening my mind, and am really interested to hear how people are making it work.



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    @movewithmurph Hey, Yo - one of the most popular packs amongst the bikerafting set is the Porter - very minimal and easy to pack and live with! Volumes are usually chosen depending on season or if the packraft will be carried in there, too - not an issue in your case (but who knows down the road - the wheel and water life is pretty rad). Carry your lightest, puffiest stuff there to alleviate too much additional weight on your sit bones.

    Treat your bike like the packmule it is for weightier items. Having a rack, a large Roll-Top stuff sack, and some bungees will get you started in a good spot. For additional stuff, check out this list of tutorials from our friends at - you can DIY A LOT of stuff!

    Hope this helps! - Mark