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Okay so I know that the Summit is based on the Porter but why not upgrade it and start treating it like a Porter?

After a few 2-4 day trips with my "Mini-Porter" I thought I would reveal the formula out there.

The recipe is simple, all you'll need is:
(And some of your best packing skills!)

Let's break it down:

The Stuff Pocket is awesome for your rain shell, next available layer AND water.

The Versa holds snacks for on the go, sunscreen, soap, vitamin-I… you get the idea… You'll have to remove the Versa belt but don't leave it behind! Hook it up to your top daisy chains and create a V-strap on top for more gear.

The Shoulder Pocket is idea for your phone, a credit card/ID, head lamp and sunnies.

If you have a water bottle shoulder pocket that would be a great addition. Same with the Camera Pod - I clip this around the hip belt strap as well.

It was the kind of trips where I looked at the forecast closely to make sure I brought only the essentials and committed to a tarp.

Maybe this is common knowledge or maybe I'm weirdly excited about this idea? I love multi-purposed gear and it took some swapping of accessories to get there. You might also be the talk-of-the-town when people look at the size. I had some impressed looks on trail and it felt great to know I had everything (and exactly) what I needed. Have fun out there!