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Show of hands - who maybe from time to time grabs a favorite beverage and stands amongst their gear pile, thinking about that thing or things that would so perfectly complete it? Just us? Don't be fibbin'! Gearheads rarely have idle minds when it comes to this subject, and the R&D Team at Hyperlite Mountain Gear, with all their tinkerin', stitchin', tweakin', and testin' is no different. They'd like to hear what's on your wishlist!

Victoria, Founder and CEO Mike, Tia, Josh, and Tim

Why jump ahead to 2024? 'Cause '23 is nice and buttoned up with fresh sweetness you can all look forward to. But more about that down the trail! 

So, let those fingers rip on the keyboard, people! What are you thinking about?


  • Veraun
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    A POD shaped like the bottom of the Prism.

  • Veraun
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    Yes to a fastpack with 1-2 days of capacity and built in soft flask holders on the shoulder or vest style straps.

  • Veraun
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    A 15-20 liter summit pack.

  • JanVincentKleine
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    I feel like a a 1-2 person, DCF, single wall (breathable), 2-pole dome tent would fit HMGs philosophy of straightforward, no-nonsense very well. For those trips where a Mid might have too big of a footprint or the ground is not ideal for rock solid peg placements.

    I.e. Bibler I-Tent, Black Diamond Eldorado, Locus Gear Djedi, MSR Advance Pro, Samaya etc.pp. But with HMGs DCF manufacturing expertise.

    As the design is decades old it might be difficult to make it revolutionary in the design area. But with your DCF manufacturing expertise you would create a killer product that really stands out with the material use and construction quality.

    And there is an element of beauty in the simplicity of a freestanding, simple design like that.

  • bergstromra
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    I’m so very interested in a 25-30L fast pack with vest style straps and soft flask pockets!

  • TenDigitGrid
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    I want an ultralight daypack designed specifically for photography. Basically want HMG to do a collab with Peak Design ;-)

    If there was a Dyneema version of the 30L travel pack from peak Design, with a few other weight cuts, I would be thrilled :-)

  • bugglife
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    @TenDigitGrid I would like roughly 11 collaborations between Peak Design and HMG. I don't know what all of them are yet, but I would probably fall in love with products that I didn't know I needed.

    But yes to your HMG camera pack. A lighter version of the Peak Design pack, with a frame and a decent waist belt would be a winner. Maybe a better way to carry the travel tripod? I don't love the side carry option on the PD pack.I'd probably do the 20L version instead of the 30L so I could use it as an under the seat bag when flying.

    Other requests:

    Hydration pod that fits well inside a pack for when I have to do long, desert water hauls.

    Dry canyon pack - probably not very different from current packs, but would be interested to see rope carry options HMG could come up with. Something specifically for situations like this:

    Wet canyon pack - keep the frame for carrying heavy ropes and wet suits. But with lots of drainage. I am considering doing this myself to a 3400 (2400?) porter pack, but am hesitant to punch a bunch of holes in the dyneema. Something for this:

    Regardless, looking forward to seeing all the new HMG drops, and the adventures that they will enable.

  • TenDigitGrid
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    Hahaha, your comment about flying made me laugh. I squeeze the 45L travel under the seat 😂

    Basically uses all my leg room though....

    Hydration Pod.... that is the best idea ever! I hate hydration bladders but a pod that fit like the HMG storage pods with a tube would be awesome!

  • tina
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    Underscoring the fast pack / SUL pack (10-16 oz zone) as well as a one person shelter, ala pocket tarp (6-8 oz zone.) 👍🏼

  • tradigan21
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    Another vote for the vest-style pack. I would be happy with around 20 oz and more of a focus on a fit that stays close to the body when moving fast over SUL. I have issues with my HMG packs being too bouncy when running.

    I'd also be interested in 70L/90L DCF duffels and a bathtub groundsheet. Preferably with some plastic pieces in the corner to help the bathtub keep a little bit of shape on its own.

  • TenDigitGrid
    TenDigitGrid Member, Moderator Posts: 80

    I wanted to add in a nice Dyneema Bivy as well :-)

  • sashaswashut
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    I have 2 wish list suggestions!

    1. Kid carrying pack (haha I know, but I can dream!!). I currently use a pack from Deuter to carry my daughter. It’s great, don’t get me wrong! But a Hyperlite kid pack would just be…awesome :)

    2. A pack that has a zipper at the bottom! I love using my Hyperlite for backpacking trips, but when it comes to getting stuff out from the bottom…I have to take everything out. So having a bottom zipper would be amazing. Or maybe I just need to learn how to pack my bag better!? Lol

  • Jessicaholly88
    Jessicaholly88 Member Posts: 41

    I would love to see a vest style running pack, I love my southwest but sometimes on big climbing days I like to pack as light as possible it just makes movement and pace way more efficient

  • quiggleryan
    quiggleryan Member Posts: 45

    I would love to see a frameless pack that is pretty lightweight. I loved using the Nero from Zpacks in the past and I would love to see what you guys could make!

  • GreyWolf
    GreyWolf Member Posts: 1

    I would personally like to have a way to put say a 1 liter water bottle on my belt for easier access

  • lesageke
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    It’s been said a bunch already, but a running style vest would be awesome. Something big enough to accommodate soft flasks and a phone, plus an attachment point for my inReach. I’m 5’1” and have a hard time cinching my southwest down enough to keep the fit snug when scrambling. For us petite ones out there, a pack with an even shorter length torso combined with the vest straps and removable hip belt would be amazing.

  • akamorris
    akamorris Member Posts: 1

    I would really like to see some smaller day hiking pack options. My preference would be a pack in the 15 liter zone built as tough as my beloved Southwest 3400. Also, I would like to see a double wall version of the Unbound 2P tent - which would add the option to set up the mosquito net tent separately for star gazing or the fly only (and provide better condensation management).

  • FedeCabrera
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    Hey greeting from Patagonia (Argentina). I would love to see a 1P Ultamid or another 1P person tarp with 360º coverage!

  • endorphinman
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    I've been after HMG to build a 20-25L roll-top Summit style pack with a running vest front for Fastpacking and for use on 5-7 Multi-day Ultra Marathons like the Racing the Planet or Beyond The Ultimate. Your pack is one of the key components for these races. Raidlight & Ultimate Direction are the main players for this style pack. I thing HMG would rapidly take over this need.

    The vest should have stretch pockets capable of carrying either (2) 600ml or (2) 800ml bottles on the vest and enough pockets in front and below the bottles to carry your race food & snacks for the day.

    The main body of the pack should have one big stretch pocket on the back of the pack and one stretch pocket on each side of the pack. There should be a waist strap to keep the pack from swinging from side to side, but NOT BE a waist belt with pockets.

    I am running a 7-day desert race in Chile and a 5-day race in Kenya in 2023 as well as various Fastpacking trips for training. I would be honored to test any prototypes for you during these events next year, so that it could be available for the market in 2024.

  • Jeffinbrooklyn1
    Jeffinbrooklyn1 Member Posts: 1

    I’d like to see a few things:

    1) a pack with a full frame and load lifters, angled water bottle pockets to make it easier to get the water bottles while hiking

    2) an UL freestanding tent

    3) daypack with a ventilated back

  • katethewild
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    I see a lot of great ideas here and have been thinking the same things-

    -Would love to see a running/fast pack like many have said.

    -A frameless UL backpacking pack (no stays or padding) up to 40L or less with a hipbelt WITHOUT pockets that is stowable. A streamlined design too- If my pack is that small I don't need bungees or straps to hang random things on because I'm going UL and carrying only the essentials. A clean look is ideal.

    -Day pack aimed more towards photography. I'm currently using the Daybreak and I like it, but it is a bit large for day hikes.

    -One person shelter similar to the Zpacks Plex Solo... or something solo at that 14oz or less.

    -UL down jackets/Rain gear? 😏

  • tradigan21
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    @lesageke I'm 5'5" with a 17" torso and can't get the small or medium packs to cinch down on me well enough for scrambling or running either. It seems like they're more designed for carrying heavy loads than moving fast. I find all of my HMG packs to be amazingly comfortable when I'm lugging 40+ lbs of gear, but it can be frustrating to break into a mild jog and have my pack bounce while my Versa lightly punches me in the sternum with each step. It's super minor on its own, but I have found it can get to me if I'm already annoyed at other things.

    Hence why half the comments are hoping for a vestpack.

  • Patch96
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    To add on to a few comments above, a fast pack style pack would be awesome. In addition to that I would love to see a running hydration vest for single day adventures. Something in the 8-12 liter capacity range would be perfect.

  • Riff
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    I’ll go the opposite way from most of these excellent ideas- I want a expedition grade line of products with HMG’s design focus. I don’t need anything to be more complex, just tougher. The Ultamid 4 is 1.5 pounds, and i wore mine out in two years. A true four season, three person tent weighs 7 pounds or more; make me an Ultamid 4 out of 2.5-3 oz dyneema so it can hold up in high altitude UV and wind for 5-10 years. I’d be absolutely fired up on a 3-4 pound mid that was tough.

    Same with packs- I love my fully woven packs, and generally wear out a regular laminated pack in a season or two. Bring out a line of HD gear for the heavy users!

  • sockedinhikes
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    A daypack, something around 20-30L. BUT with the durability that I can still strap my snowshoes onto it in winter ;)

  • Patch96
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    I would love to see an Ultralight bug bivy that I can pair up with my flat tarp. Something like the Borah Gear bug bivy. Something very minimal, just big enough to fit a sleeping pad in and maybe a few inches of head room. Last year on the AT I ended up switching to my Dirigo 2 in New York because the bugs were so bad at night and I didn’t have a bug net that I liked.

  • MHerb
    MHerb Member Posts: 13

    I have had the Headwall 55 pack out skit touring in the backcountry of BC Canada for the past week and am pretty stoked about it and its design. Though I have a few suggestions:

    • Add a second clip to secure just the avalanche accessory compartment without having to use the Y strap and buckle (I have rolled up the Y strap and taped it, as I find it long and not necessary for daily use)
    • Add either a side zip or back zip entrance to the pack. Once skis are on the pack while boot packing, it is not possible to enter the pack without removing the skis (not realistic while slogging up a couloir or steep ridgeline).
    • Remove the middle strap on the sides of the pack. I don't think it is necessary.
    • I like the 'ladder' strap system on either side... but as far as my little brain can tell, I cannot adjust the point of contact for the roll-top buckles, unless I cut and re-sew some fabric.
    • Some straps seems extra long, but I can just trim those for my own needs.

    All that being said, I am psyched about the pack, keep up the good work!!

  • MHerb
    MHerb Member Posts: 13

    A 'rescue tarp', with re-inforced points for securing a patient inside to form a 'rescue toboggan' for towing/carrying. Mainly used in a winter backcountry setting in case of emergency, but could double as a rescue tarp/shelter, bivy bag, ground sheet, etc.

    I know there would be a pretty small market for a product like this, but every ski/alpine guide I know has purchased one, and rescue operations will often have these in their kits. HMG's durable and lightweight tarp material would be ideal for this type of product. I would be happy to dive into this in more detail if there is any interest in this idea.

  • CharleyLynn
    CharleyLynn Member Posts: 3

    An underquilt to compliment the top quilts you already have!