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It's that time of year here in the US when mileage-hungry backpackers are getting ready to put long hours of research, testing and retesting setups, and hard-earned savings to work for the next five to six months.

It's the beginning of thru hiking season!

Daydreams will become realities, muscles will learn new tricks, and the ramen noodle industry will celebrate an uptick in sales.

All the highs -

All the lows -

Just lace up the trail runners and take those first steps!

  • Who's headed out this year?
  • Which trail or trails?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What new gear are you most excited to use?
  • What questions do you have for other thru hikers?


Let's hear it, People!


  • Killdeer
    Killdeer Member Posts: 3

    Going back to NoCal in June to hike the sections of the PCT that I skipped last year because of Fire Closures. I plan to try to through hike the entire trail again next year.

  • ralston_drake
    ralston_drake Member Posts: 1

    Headed to the PCT this July to start my sobo thru hike!

    I’m really excited to get back out there after finishing the AT last year. I mean what better way to deal with post trail depression than start another thru hike.

    Really looking forward to using the Unbound 40.

    For those who have done the PCT before or at least done Washington in early July, what did you do about the snow? Were micro spikes necessary or could I get by without them? If I do need them, what brand would you suggest?

  • MJA
    MJA Member Posts: 2

    Hi! Heading northbound on the PCT in May. Excited and also a bit intimidated by the record breaking snow in the Sierras.

    Looking forward to my new Durston X-mid, it just had it's maiden voyage this week and I think it's going to be great!

    For PCT alumni, is it possible to get fuel canisters at pretty much every resupply place along the way? I'll be sending myself resupply boxes but the legalities seem complicated/confusing for shipping fuel canisters.

  • ks777hike
    ks777hike Member Posts: 3

    After the AT, Long Trail, Colorado, and PCT I’m taking a real vacation this year and hitting the 500 mile Camino Frances in Spain this May. It will be nice to have a bed, beer, and real food every night.

    I should get my black Unbound 40 in time - smaller in size than my Junction 3400 and love the great new features. It should be a great pack for this type of walking.

  • ks777hike
    ks777hike Member Posts: 3

    Only one town was an issue - I got the last canister Callahans Lodge near Ashland OR. Even then it wouldn’t have been a big deal, just would have had to take free public transit to Medford nearby. Just plan on spending more in smaller towns or resorts - at Callahans it was $10 for 4oz.

  • ks777hike
    ks777hike Member Posts: 3

    No grizzlies in CO. I just hung where I could and slept with food when there was no place to hang.

  • HikingHippie
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    Oy Oy Hikers + Mark

    my story starts 16 years ago with me and my best friend. We used to think of all the places and things we were going to do once we turned 18. Life hit hard and I held on for dear life. In the mist of the misery I got a dog. She’s a beautiful Siberian Husky named Sadie. I then made her a similar promise that in her lifetime we will have great adventures. Sadie and I have traveled all over the U.S living the Van and RV life. Things got crazy again and adventures halted. She’s now turning 9 and I decided to make it my mission to manifest the life that I’ve promised her. Hopefully, we will be leaving next month to hike the AT. Still need a few things worked out but the plan is to be on trail March 23rd! Georgia to Maine with Sadie is a unbelievable opportunity that I will not let slip away again. It’s time!

    Thank you and good luck to everyone else out there chasing their dreams! “No Ragrets”

  • Aa08659252731
    Aa08659252731 Member Posts: 1
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    I’m headed to the PCT in April for a NoBo thru hike. Gonna be using my Hyperlite Junction 40L and a Durston Mid-2. Looking forward to a good time just hope the big snows melt in time.

  • tina
    tina Member, Moderator Posts: 56

    I've already completed a winter thru-hike of the 240-mile New England Trail and hope to hop on the CDT SOBO starting July 4th!

    Waiting for the SOBO start date is making my eyes twitch as I watch all the fresh new AT'ers. 😫

  • james55
    james55 Member Posts: 1

    I am through hiking the JMT starting June 19th SOBO it is going to be awesome! The snowpack will be on another level! Any thoughts on a resupply by staying on or close to the trail? MTR website says due to snow no resupply for June dates at this time. I will need roughly 7 days of a resupply to finish the second half of the trail...... Any ideas?

  • Max_Kiel_Trail
    Max_Kiel_Trail Member, Moderator Posts: 12

    Headed Northbound on the JMT in late August, starting from Cottonwood Pass Trailhead. So stoked! Anyone else secure a permit for a Northbound JMT thru this summer?

  • Woody
    Woody Member Posts: 1

    I'm starting the AT NOBO in mid-March. This is my first thru-hike. It's been a dream since I was about 12 years old. I just retired last summer. Hope to bring my 3 y/o husky mix with me once I get past the Smokies. She's a great hiking partner, having hiked all over the White Mountains of NH. Still fine tuning my gear to get my pack weight down a bit more.

  • BillE
    BillE Member Posts: 1

    Heading back to the AZT next week. Completed 300 miles back in 2019 now this 56-year-old guy will finish the last 500 miles. Watching the rain/snow reports closely. Whoever thought snow would be a concern in Arizona, but it is. What the Sierras on the PCT didn't get was dumped on Arizona. But on the flip side I hear the desert blooms are absolutely stunning this year and there is lots of green on the desert floor.

    Stay active peeps. Nature and hiking is the best mental health therapy there is.