Where to buy/find used gear?

kilroy Hanover, NHMember Posts: 3

Any suggestions on where I can find lightly used backpacking gear? Specifically, I'm leaning toward a DCF flat tarp and groundsheet.



  • bugglife
    bugglife Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 41

    Some of these may be obvious, but I'll include them anyway:


    Facebook Marketplace


    There may be other subreddits, but you can start here.

    Local gear shops sometimes have days where people come and sell their used gear.

    Used section at REI

    Good luck on your search!

  • sashaswashut
    sashaswashut PNWMember Posts: 33

    I know REI has a used gear section online that I would maybe try! Other suggestions:

    EBAY, Marketplace and maybe try searching outdoor groups in your area on Facebook. Maybe Poshmark? I’ve found some used clothing items on there for cheap!

  • petergierlach
    petergierlach Saratoga Springs, NYMember Posts: 11

    I agree with the above. Facebook Marketplace is a great option. You could also search in an "outdoorsy" area or city, as more people may be selling that gear. REI also has great used gear as well and they'll tell you exactly why it was returned which is super helpful.

  • tina
    tina custer, sdMember, Moderator Posts: 41

    UL Geartrade on Reddit is legit, as well as the regular (not UL) gear trade. You've got a ton of nerdy folks trying out new things, making their own stuff, and getting rid of things as they upgrade. I know REI is starting a gear trade-in program (they're rebranding the entire "Garage Sale" thing) and hoping to make entire stand-alone stores of used gear, though it's just in pilot mode right now. They do have an online portal for it. Patagonia does the same on their site (worn wear.) I bet this site would also be a good place to find folks with nice gear to sell or trade!