Camp Shoes

quiggleryan Member Posts: 46

Hey everyone,

What camp shoes are you using? Do you use any? Right now I’ve just been walking around in my socks or bare feet so that I don’t have to carry extra weight. But looking at my options. What would you recommend using?


  • Jessicaholly88
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    My boyfriend swears by his crocs! They are lightweight and you can even use them as a pillow or so he says haha!

  • sashaswashut
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    I have a pair of Teva slippers (I think they are called Ember?). They are perfect. Easy to slip on and off, and have a hard bottom.

  • nirwin
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    I have a pair of Vivobarefoot water shoes. Originally used for packrafting, but the grip on them in the water isn't great, but the face they're so lightweight, can be rolled up into a small space, I think makes them perfect. I was tempted by crocs, by they're quite large and bulky, so will stick with my Vivo's.

  • TenDigitGrid
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    So I got these odd socks on kickstarter years ago, and they have since come out with a version two. My wife and I both have them, and love them! Perfect for that middle of the night pee break lol. They are more or less a camp sock.... but are perfect:

  • Riff
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    I’m using Shamma sandals- good for your feet to stretch and move in the evenings, fairly light, and once you get used to them, actually fine for a few miles here and there, with a light pack. I’ve been rehabbing this summer as I do a hundred or so days a year in ski boots, and my feet need to get stronger and tougher in the summer. I think of it as strength training for the feet; I actually do most of my trail running in them too now. They’re about 115 grams each.

  • Woodstock
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    I wear my croc sandals, they are lightweight, dry fast, and comfy.

  • bugglife
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    I've been thinking about this one a lot recently. I just got off a 3 day backpacking trip and was checking out everybody's camp shoes. I wear the birkenstock Arizona - EVA, and listed at 9.3 oz per pair - and came across a lot of other people wearing them as well. Here are my thoughts.

    • Not hyperlite, but also super heavy
    • Thick sole, I've stepped on cactus spines in these and have been OK, although I needed to pull the spines out of the soles with tweezers
    • Easy to slip on in the middle of the night to use the restroom
    • I can wear socks in them. This is super important to me and increases the useful temperature range
    • Main disadvantage is that they don't pack down very flat / compact. If I were to replace them, this would be the main reason why. I tried a new technique on my last trip and strapped them to the sides of the pack instead of trying to fit them inside or in an outer pocket, and that seemed to work very well.

    In colder weather, the Western Mountaineering flash booties are also great, although I would consider ordering down a size from what is recommended on their site.

  • Left_Enright
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    Recently switched to the Burken-Crocs.

    I agree with @bugglife although I find if you unstrap the bigger sandal strap they lay flatter against my pack.

    Camp shoes bring piece of mind to communal showers.

  • sonricker
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    I know people that swear by Crocs or the wicked inexpensive Old Navy flip flops! Personally I have started hiking in Chacos so they can act as both my hiking shoe and camp shoe.