Sock Recommendations

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Okay guys-

What are your sock recommendations? I have used Smartwool for years. They are great, but just looking for other brands. I also have a pair of Darn Tough that I like!




  • Left_Enright
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    No matter the season..I hike in Midweight w/cushion 1/4 length by Darn Tough.

    The thicker padding helps my extra sweaty feet to dissipate the moisture. 1/4 length keeps ankles protected from scrapes.

    I have yet to try and replace a pair when they develop a wear spot. I figure by then I got my $18 worth.

  • Left_Enright
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    Packing for the CT. So this is top of mind.

  • nirwin
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    I've just changed to Darn Tough. Don't think I'll wear anything else now! Lifetime warranty too so definitely can't complain!

  • sashaswashut
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    @nirwin I agree, the lifetime warranty on their socks is pretty amazing!!!

  • Jessicaholly88
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    Totally agree I always go back to darn tough if I end up trying to switch up brands! I am quite a fan on farm to feet though as an alternative

  • tina
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    If you're a person who likes toe socks, I cannot recommend XOSkin enough. They're like Injinjis, but they actually last for more than 2 weeks before breaking down into a Swiss-cheese like structure. My husband (and hiking partner :)) did a reallllly deep dive into the toe sock/no toe sock debate for Outside if anyone is curious. For regular socks, though, Darn Tough and Smartwool are both awesome. I've also started wearing Swiftwick for a lighter/less bulky sock and have been enjoying those, as well. My experience with Farm to Feet has been less good, as they don't seem to hold up quite as well as their competitors.

  • sashaswashut
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    @tina thanks so much for the recommendations. I have yet to try the toe socks, but have heard great things about them! Maybe I should jus try them lol :) thanks!

  • katethewild
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    The first thru hike I ever attempted I wore thin Smartwool socks and on day two was begging my hiking partner to let me borrow a pair of his Injinji toe socks. The sandy dirt on the John Muir Trail rubbed between my toes and started to grind into my skin. Once I put the Injinji toe socks on the issue was resolved. Since then I have been a big fan of Injinji mid weight hike and run toe socks. I don’t have the issue of the fabric breaking down quickly, but they eventually get holes in the toes (which I sew and they last a bit longer).

  • Naomibro
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    Always, always wear two socks over a water proof boot: a thin, sometimes silk mid calf; sometimes injini, close to my hide followed by fairly heavy, Smartwool type-mid calf. True silk socks are pricey as heck but wash and dry well. When ever I'm at REI, I pick up the wool or silk socks. Injini on-line. Sometimes the silk socks on-line. The toe socks by Injini are a hassle to get on and rarely last. The thin silk (not cotton!) wash n' dry well; the wool dry out overnight. I value my feet and invest in a good pedicure, always taking a good pair of clippers. I generally wear one set of socks while my dry spares are in the pack.

  • Davemoose
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    I have been very pleased with Farm to Feet. I not only love their targeted cushioning, cool meaningful designs and merino wool but I love F2F story. They are made in the USA, processing plants are all in the US plus they only purchase wool from American farmers. Check them out.

  • Cliff
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    There are some good socks above, have a few of each. My preference is Wrightsock. Most blisters are from friction shoe to foot inside the shoe while walking. Wrightsocks have a built in 2-layer so when moving the fabric against the skin pretty well stays fixed and the outer moves, removing the friction against the foot. I wear them everyday and hiking.

  • countingcairns
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    I’ve actually been opting for tall compression socks, which I initially bought for road running! I’ve really felt they help my knees and ankles on steeper hikes, and I got some with enough cushioning in the feet that they’re as comfortable as my hiking socks like Smartwool / Wrightsocks / Bombas / just REI brand (if not more). My favorites are made by cep, also 2XU and SB are decent. These also partially cover KT tape I use for my knees so helps a bit to make sure the tape doesn’t peel off.

  • adabis
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    I used FITS socks for AK, Scotland & Norway trips, and having compared them to a new pair of Darn Tough - I’d pick up my FITS over them any day of the week. They’re hard to get on and off your foot but for good reason, and

    they don’t bauble and fluff after a couple uses (Darn Tough). Only annoyance is they only sell in the US!