Death Before Decaf!

Whats up team,

I am a caffeine fiend, I cannot go without my coffee. When I lay down at night the last thing I think of is how excited I am to wake up and have some coffee.

On a recent thru hike I phased through a couple of variations but ultimately burned out on all of the them. I was initially using coffee tea bags, then switched to some dehydrated instant, then to some powdered latte mixes, some cowboy coffee and then back to the bags. I consistently found myself googling on town days better ways to get on with my coffee and ether came in overweight, or lacking in quality. So far my favorite backcountry coffee was Alpine Start instant coffee with a bit of butter mixed in to cut down on the bitterness. It's definitely not a cheap option, and cleaning butter residue out of the cup in not what I want to be doing first thing in the day on longer trips.

Short of just carrying an aeropress (I can only justify this while bike touring) what have you found successful for making coffee in the outdoors? Quick, easy to clean, and light all get some bonus points on this as well. I'm determined to find a solid compromise in this realm of my life.


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  • tina
    tina Member, Moderator Posts: 54
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    counter culture single serve packs if you really want to enjoy a cup out there. They’re compostable and delicious. a real treat.

  • Jessicaholly88
    Jessicaholly88 Member Posts: 41
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    I love coffee too its one of the first things I get making in the mornings! I've found the frontline Latin American bags really good!

  • mdarnton
    mdarnton Member Posts: 2
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    I am a bad person to my coffee friends, I guess. I saw a suggestion of Medaglia d'Oro instant as a good camp coffee, tried it, and like it so much that now I buy it by the case for daily use. Totally non-bitter, absolutely no "instant" flavor, and real coffee tastes nasty to me now. If you downgrade coffees for their negative points this one wins. If you need accurate coffee flavor. . . . .not too sure about that one.


  • lwilliams
    lwilliams Member Posts: 3

    I've tried coffee tea bags from our local coffee shop and liked the idea more than I did the weak morning cup and carrying out the wet bag. Starbucks VIA is satisfying me for now. I like a really good cup of coffee any day, but I also find quite a bit of joy in a cup of 'camp' coffee.

  • Naomibro
    Naomibro Member Posts: 92

    7/10_ I am a caffeine addict too; gotta, and I mean GOTTA have tasty coffee in am. Several years ago, I found some instant coffee in small sleeves; easy to carry. There are some pricier options with cream on-line too. Test-drove both at home. OK. Really. Product easily available at any grocery store. Boil water is all you need. Solves the caffeine monster.

  • Naomibro
    Naomibro Member Posts: 92

    7/13. Ok, I stirred up some Trail coffee to show ya. Shake contents to bottom, tear or cut end. I give it 3 out of 5 stars for flavor, 5 outta 5 when desperate. On-line order, light to carry. Be prepared to properly ditch wrappers.

  • Riff
    Riff Member Posts: 8

    Laird Hamilton Instafuel! It’s got creamer, some coconut oil and other odds and ends so it’s worth about 150 calories a cup, which I find helpful when I’ve got a long day. Tastes great.

  • katethewild
    katethewild Member, Moderator Posts: 23

    I have been enjoying Cusa Tea & Coffee. It’s instant, can be enjoyed hot or cold brewed. They have lots of flavors and free first time sampler packs (with a shipping fee). I decided to try because they had my favorite tea- Earl Grey! My partner said the coffee was good.

  • MCornelsen
    MCornelsen Member Posts: 3

    I normally do an instant. I sometimes shake it up cold or do hot, depends on the weather. If I have more time in camp and do not mind carrying out a little extra trash, these are the absolute bomb. These roasters are local to me and give back to trail associations with every purchase. Give them a look.

  • Danimal
    Danimal Member Posts: 17

    For that emergency caffeine fix, chocolate covered espresso beans! it might save a life.