Ryan Member Posts: 1

The Prism is my favorite of any Hyperlite pack I’ve ever owned. From light and fast alpine missions to multi pitch ice climbing this is my workhorse pack as a guide. I even got one for my girlfriend to use and she has fallen in love with it. I wish they could take the design and make it into a larger size as there are features I like as compared to the ice pack.


  • Josh Stein
    Josh Stein Member Posts: 6

    Hey Ryan, Josh here from the R&D Team. Awesome to hear you're both big fans of the Prism.

    We're always bouncing new ideas around over here and love hearing outside opinions too! What features of the Prism do you prefer over the Ice Pack? Also wondering how big you're talkin'!

  • skyestoury
    skyestoury Member Posts: 36

    I would also love a larger Prism as well! I just got one but at 40L, realistically I can only use it for one night alpine trips. Even with a small sleep system, I can't make that plus glacier gear, and a full trad rack fit. A 55L would be awesome to see.