Is the umbrella worth the weight for thru-hiking?

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I’m looking for shade assistance on the AZT + the desert section of the PCT. Would love some feedback from thru hikers! Creative ways to attach to your pack are greatly appreciated too!

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    I used mine for the duration of the Florida trail and was pleasantly surprised. It did great as both heat blocker and rain protector. I only used a sun hoodie on the PCT, but wouldn’t have minded an umbrella then, either. On the FT, however, I didn’t use poles. There’s some difficulty using both poles and the umbrella, as one only has 2 hands. I did buy an attachment system from the Z place, but it fell off my pack fairly quickly. In the spirit of UL/multi-use, I would probably only back an umbrella when I knew it would pull double duty in both rain and sun. I think I experienced about 5 days of rain total on the PCT. It’s a great, large, durable, and featherlight piece of equipment, though. Hope that helps!


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  • Naomibro
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    invest in a good one, purchase holders, use in sun and rain. Useful defense for pesky critters.