GOAT Tote + Colors

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Hey guys!

I’m super interested in getting a Goat Tote- probably the 70L one. Just curious if anyone currently has one? If so, what do you use it for? I was thinking of keeping it in the back of my car to store extra snacks + gear.

Also- what color do you generally get? I have a black 2400 Southwest and love it because it doesn’t really show a ton of dirt. BUT I also love the white (thinking of doing white for the Tote or Fanny pack!). For those of you who have any of the white colored products….does it get dirty easily!?

Thanks! Excited to connect with everyone here :)



  • TenDigitGrid
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    I have all three sizes in white. Honestly the 20L and 30L my wife and I mostly use for grocery shopping 😂

    As for the 70L its the best bag I never thought I needed. We really love them for kayak camping. Carrying our gear form the car to the water, or from our kayaks to our campsite is super easy with the 70L GOAT Totes. They also fold up and store in our kayaks while paddling much easier then our HMG Backpacks.

    We have also used the 70L for carrying firewood and other supplies for beach bonfires here in San Diego.