Laugavegur Backpacking Trip in Iceland

quiggleryan Member Posts: 46

Hey everyone,

I will be going on a trip to Iceland this summer in July. I plan on backpacking the Laugavegur trail and was wondering if anyone has done it? Anything that I should for sure take with me? I would love to hear about experiences you had on the trail!


  • danofosho
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    This is going to be awesome! I did this with my sister in 2017. The route is easy to follow and you should see plenty of others on the trail at that time. I hiked in late September, and many transportation and hut amenities had already shut down for the season.

    I made it through fine with less than subpar backpacking equipment looking back on the experience so a Hyperlite Pack and good rain gear will set you up nicely. I recall a short section of glacier walks at higher altitude points but nothing I'd bring spikes for a second time around. There will also be some serious trenches with glacier stream crossings but from my experience, the trail was trodded out and easy to get down, cross, and back up without much difficulty.

    I wrote a blog post for my site years later from memory about my experience and some quick FAQs that you can check out for some pictures: