Leave No Trace

nirwin Member Posts: 22

With the advocacy of 'Leave no Trace', it seems as though those with the right attitude do exactly this. Yet there still seems to be problems on the trails in the UK as I'm sure it is elsewhere whereby rubbish is still littered and entire camp setups seen as disposable. I know our National Parks try to help, but it seems that more education is needed.

What can be done to help educate those who seem to not give a crap about leaving no trace?


  • angulife
    angulife Member Posts: 5

    I think that unfortunately the only thing we can do is educate the people who are open to learning more and making it easy to find and digest that knowledge.

    One thing I've seen lately is a lot of signage on trails and at trailheads, but I do think that places that rent gear or provide info about trails should also be pushing the LNT principles. Particularly relating to feeding animals, trash & pooping in the backcountry.

  • nirwin
    nirwin Member Posts: 22

    I could be wrong, but starting to hear now that even poop should be carried out now instead of buried...