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You creative explorer types always have something cooking - let's hear what you're up to!


  • TenDigitGrid
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    Currently working on a plan to Kayak Camp Horseshoe Bend. Made an attempt last year but wind was gnarly and we had to cancel after driving 10 hours out there lol. We saw the weather reports but I was being optimistic so we drove out. This year I will pay better attention to the weather.

    I am also working on another lake powell kayaking trip. We had an epic 3 day trip out to Labyrinth Canyon a couple years ago and I want to see if I can kayak out to Reflection Canyon. A lot of people hike to Reflection Canyon in in the grand staircase, but I think it would be cool to paddle there. Mapping it out its roughly 20 miles there and another 20 miles back via water. So may keep an eye on the wind and see if I can get a weather window to attempt that sometime this summer.

  • tina
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    I’m headed into Custer State Park to see the red dogs (baby bison) today! Hoping to beat the school’s-out rush.

  • snechemias
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    It's a packing and gear maintenance weekend between two trips. Friday taking off for 10 days of packrafting and hiking in the owyhee Canyonlands.

    Last weekend my partner and I hiked for four days through some wilderness study areas south of the malheur river:

    But at present I'm trying to convince myself I shouldn't subsist entirely on Reese's products for a week and a half.

  • TenDigitGrid
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    @snechemias your pictures look beautiful!

  • nirwin
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    Just got back from Nepal. Pretty damn tired, but still with work to do and bills to catch up! Ah the joys of modern life living...