Sale season

bugglife Member Posts: 93

Hey Everybody, for those of you who aren't enjoying the backcountry over the long weekend, there are a bunch of sales going on - besides HMG, Black Diamond & REI come to mind. Two questions:

  1. Are there any other stores / companies to be looking at discounted gear over the next few days?
  2. Are there any specific pieces worth picking up?

Here are some things I've got my eye on:

My backpacking setup is much more dialed than my car camping kit. Recently, I realized I really need a camp table for when I'm using a bigger stove and it looks like I've got some good options at REI.

While I wouldn't want to take a big fall on any of these lightweight harnesses from BD, they look perfect for multi-day canyoneering adventures with long entries and exits, and weight is more of a concern - I'm looking at you, Grand Canyon.

If you have been on the fence about pods because you're thinking, "I already have stuff sacks that work just fine, these are a little expensive and the weight savings is minimal" I'm not going to argue with you. But, the sale makes them a little more affordable, having used pods for about 5 years now, I can't recommend them enough. Here are some highlights from me.

* They help with waterproofing (excellent for packrafting)

* Zippered pods have a much larger opening than regular stuff sacks, which makes finding items inside them much easier.

* They make packing a breeze as well, which means more time for either hiking or enjoying your beautiful surroundings.

As much as adventuring is about being outdoors, having the right gear can make it easier, which makes it more fun. Are there any tempting summer sale items calling to you?