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Words and photos from Josh “Soulslosher” Sheets @Josh_Sheets

Hey, everyone! As promised, we’re back with a new DEAL OF THE DAY from Damascus, Virginia, for Appalachian Trail Days 2023! 

We’re stoked to share some of the specials those in attendance have access to! For the next two days, we’ve got DEALS OF THE DAY on deck that you can get in on from wherever you are!

Today: 15% OFF ALL STUFF SACKS AND PODS! Get your pack organized with an assortment of Dyneema Drawstrings, Roll-Tops, and Pods that will accommodate any need!

This special offer starts at 8 a.m. EST and ends 5/21 at 7:59 a.m. EST! Use the code DOTDSTUFF15 at checkout to save!

*This offer excludes the Elevate 22 technical daypack and the MID 1 solo shelter.

No pack setup is complete without a Pod or two... or three! These babies are made with waterproof Dyneema and a water-resistant zipper. Pods can organize your gear like no one business while weatherproofing your pack system. They are stackable in your pack and are available in sizes Small and Large and are tailored to fit in 2400, 3400, and 4400 pack sizes. Weighing between 1.2 and 1.4 ounces a piece, depending on size, Pods are literally worth their weight. I use a Large (10L, 1.3 oz.) to house all my clothes. If you run hot or are ultra-ultralight, you might could get by with a Small (6.9L, 1.2 oz.) Pod for your clothes. But why stop at clothes? Pods can house anything you can think of... food, toiletries, sleep system, etc. Get creative and let us know how you are using your Pods!

After checking out our stuff sacks and pods and perhaps indulging in some retail therapy-- with a discount code!  DOTDSTUFF15 -- if you cannot be at Trail Days, read on for daily commentary and summaries of the day’s goings on!

Also, as promised, we have some daily news to report from Damascus! Today is Saturday and the main draw for today is the infamous Hiker Parade! It starts at 2:00pm; line-up starts at 1:30 pm in front of Sundog Outfitter. Be sure to find your "class" and bunch up with them! Be prepared to feel like hiker royalty as you literally parade down the main drag! The parade ends at the Town Park. As for the notorious water fight, no water balloons (yeah, I know...) but Super Soakers are allowed!

After the parade, stick around the Town Park for the Trail Days Auction starting at 3:00 pm and then the always-fun-yet-surreal Hiker Talent Show staring at 4:00 pm! Gazebo in the Town Park is the place to be!

Another cool aspect about AT Trail Days is that it's not just for the AT! The Buckeye Trail, American Discovery Trail, Florida Trail, and North Country Trail are all represented and had information booths here at AT Trail Days!

Fret not if you cannot attend Trail Days in person! We’re sharing items and promos with all of you online! Check your emails for the daily promotions and, of course, here with me on The Trailhead!