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Words and photos from Josh “Soulslosher” Sheets @Josh_Sheets

AAAANNNDDD, we’re back with a new DEAL OF THE DAY, comin’ atcha from Damascus, Virginia, for Appalachian Trail Days 2023! 

We’re stoked to share some of the specials those in attendance have access to! For the next three days, we’ve got DEALS OF THE DAY on deck that you can get in on from wherever you are!

Today (5/19): ALL TENTS & SHELTERS 15% OFF! For over a decade, these ultralight homes-away-from-home, built with Dyneema Composite Fabrics, have provided weather protection and a great night’s rest on trails around the world.

This special offer starts at 8 a.m. EST and ends 5/20 at 7:59 a.m. EST! Use the code DOTDTENT15 at checkout to save!

*This offer excludes the Elevate 22 technical daypack and the MID 1 solo shelter.

We here at Hyperlite have several tent/shelter options for the outdoor enthusiast! Namely, the Ultamid 2 and 4, Flat Tarp, and the Unbound 2P. I will focus on the Unbound 2P because that is what I have the most experience with but I also think it makes the most sense for the majority of backpackers. The Unbound 2P is a relatively new addition to our lineup. Nonetheless, I utilized the Unbound 2P tent on the PCT last year and on the BMT this spring. And, if I have my way, another trail this year! Stay tuned... 

This tent requires two trekking poles to setup but since I hike with two trekking poles, that was a non-issue. I was excited to not have to carry tent poles! The Unbound 2P is palatial and packs in a thoughtful design and easy-to-use features such as Aquaguard zippers and magnetic toggles on the vestibule and fully seam-sealed seams. Ventilation is plentiful with two opposing vent ports on the vestibule doors and No-See-Um mesh all around. I find that, if you can, leaving at least half of one of the vestibules open all but guarantees no condensation. Your Mileage May Vary! Weighing in at just 24 oz., this shelter cannot be beat if you are a couple or even if you are a solo adventurer!

After checking out our tents and shelters and perhaps indulging in some retail therapy-- with a discount code!  DOTDTENT15 -- if you cannot be at Trail Days, read on for daily commentary and summaries of the day’s goings on!

Today is jampacked (literally, jams galore!) with music! Whoever curated this list of music... kudos! At the Town Park...

12:30 - 2:30pm: Anthony Childress Experience

3:00 - 5:00pm: Joey's Van

5:30 - 7:30pm: Gents & Liars

8:00 - 10:00pm: The Tan & Sober Gentlemen

Also happening today and Saturday, The Ministry Team - at One Way Ministries - (located 1004 S. Shady Ave., Damascus, VA) has put together some very gracious services. These include haircuts, charging stations, drinks & snacks, and some pickin' and grinin' (play your favorite musical instrument!). Also, if you are feeling dirty by now (or later!), free showers are available across from One Way and at the Town Pool... not literally in the pool, however. Pool is located 399 Trestle Street.

Another super cool perk of being at Trail Days is if you have a four-legged friend that is hiking with you and s/he requires some medical attention, Veterinarian John Roberts is available from 10am - 1pm at One Way Ministries. These churches and their attendees/volunteers devote so much to the hiker community... please be gracious and thankful!

Enjoy your Tramily, the slew of hiker services, score some merch, listen to some music, EAT!, and pick up some new gear... because, let's be honest... most of us started the trail with something that is probably on its last leg by now! You still have a long way to go!

Fret not if you cannot attend Trail Days in person! We’re sharing items and promos with all of you online! Check your emails for the daily promotions and, of course, here with me on The Trailhead!

Get out there... have fun, be safe! :-)