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Words from Josh “Soulslosher” Sheets @Josh_Sheets, Photos from Tommy Corey & HMG

Howdy, all! Let's get the big info you've all been waiting for out of the way right outta the gate!

We’re in Damascus, Virginia, for Appalachian Trail Days 2023, reveling in the joy, honoring the commitment, and goin’ gonzo for gear with AT thru hikers past and present! It’s a party we seldom miss and always look forward to! 

You might not be able to be there yourself, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the specials those in attendance do! For the next four days, we’ve got DEALS OF THE DAY on deck that you can get in on from wherever you are!

Today (5/18): ALL PACKS 15% OFF! On trails around the globe, our legendary Dyneema packs have racked up millions of miles, comfortably carried on the backs of happy hikers and outdoor enthusiasts!

This special offer starts at 8 a.m. EST and ends 5/19 at 7:59 a.m. EST! Use the code DOTDPACK15 at checkout to save!

*This offer excludes the Elevate 22 technical daypack and the MID 1 solo shelter.

My first foray into Hyperlite's packs was with the 3400 Southwest. This puppy carried like a dream and I loved the peace of mind the waterproof Dyneema fabric gave me. Weighing in at just 2 lbs., this pack was the lightest backpacking pack I had ever owned. It was a blissful experience going from a pack that weighed about 4 lbs. (empty!) to the Southwest... cutting that weight in half! I have since switched to the 3400 Junction as my go-to pack. The mesh back pocket allows me to see all the stuff that I am prone to stuffing into there. The mesh also allows for more airflow to help dry gear. And the Hardline Dyneema side pockets ensure that should I run-in to some brush or rocks, nothing is getting snagged or ripped!

We here at Hyperlite have all sorts of packs for essentially every need! Backpacking packs? Yup! Check the Southwest, Junction, Windrider, and Unbound. Day packs? You betcha! Check the Daybreak, Summit, and Elevate packs. As well as a few others for specific adventure needs like canyoneering (Northrim), multi-sport (Porter), and skiing (Headwall).

After checking out our packs and perhaps indulging in some retail therapy-- with a discount code!  DOTDPACK15 -- if you cannot be at Trail Days, read on for daily commentary and summaries of the day’s goings on! 

Today is the sorta pre-game time for Trail Days. Tent City is going up and hikers, tourists, onlookers, vendors, etc. are all descending on Damascus, VA for the biggest trail event this side of the Mississippi! They're getting settled in and the vibe is building. Tent City is located just South of town, out by the ball fields: 1101 S. Shady Ave., Damascus, VA 24236.

If you have already arrived, be sure to check out the Manufacturer Reps that are all stationed in the Tent City parking area from today, Thursday, to Sunday. They can help with advice, tips & tricks, maybe some gear repairs, and some may have new gear on display!

If you are new to Damascus or Trail Days and are present here, today is a great day to peruse the town and get your bearings before Trail Days really gets rocking and rolling. Main Street (West/East Laurel Ave.) boasts coffee shops, an outfitter, various Inns, and all small town quaint things! Check the Town Park for official Trail Days merch, the First Aid station is located there, as well as FREE concerts all weekend. A Damascus Town info. booth is also located in the Town Park.

Get out and explore! Run into your Tramily of new and old! Enjoy and be safe!

Fret not if you cannot attend Trail Days in person! We’re sharing items and promos with all of you online! Check your emails for the daily promotions and, of course, here with me on The Trailhead!