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Put your thinking caps, helmets, or bandanas on, Trailheaders! The new Elevate 22 technical day pack is here to accept your proposals for sunup to sundown action! Built with a blend of the ultralight, super durable, and 100% waterproof made-in-the-USA Dyneema© Composite Fabrics we trust and love, this 17.9 oz (size MD) pack invites you to get imaginative with your days off.

The Elevate 22 has just the features you’ll need for anything from a relaxing, recharging hike on a favorite or soon-to-be favorite trail, knocking off another peak on your must-see views to-do list, covering ground with a speedy goal in mind, or throwing a leg over a bike for a big out-and-back singletrack mission. With a dependable and contents-flexible roll-top, the wide-open interior can accommodate gear required for a variety of pursuits. Exterior daisy chains and Dyneema stretch mesh outer pockets with cinchable closures have the right volume for bottles or tools, and strategically placed side and top compression straps help to keep your kit buttoned up, tidy, and never in the way.

Load up just what you need and squeeze as much fun as you can out of the day ahead! The Elevate 22 is in it to win it.


  • TenDigitGrid
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    Never have I ever been so excited about a new pack! Can't wait to get my hands on one. Congratulations on the launch! Was patiently awaiting fro HMG to make a superb day pack!

    So glad you went with removable hip belt :-)

  • Veraun
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    Received mine today! Love it and can’t wait to take it out. IMHO a nearly perfect long day/overnight alpine pack! And I’m curious to see how it works as an ultralight thruhike pack.

    Now if only HMG would make “mini” pods that fit it…

  • bugglife
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    @Veraun ooooh, mini pods! Yes, please.

  • TenDigitGrid
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    Yes! Tiny pods were on my mind as well! Would be epic!

  • tina
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    Joining the chorus of folks waiting to see someone to thru-hike with this one. Looks like a great little pack.