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Sure, it might just be a date on the calendar, but dang, if it doesn’t provide a little mental boost! With the official change of the season declared, noted, stamped, what-have-you, pulling out the Rubbermaid tubs of gear becomes less wistful and more hopeful–it won’t be long now, or not as long-ish, anyway, before your packs are loaded, and you’re out recharging the all-natural way. 

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Yes, folks, it’s SPRING! Who’s been getting out already? What are the trails like so far near you? What favorite spots are you stoked to return to, and where are you looking to explore for the first time this year? Give your region some love and give the rest of us a reason to travel for some new adventures!

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  • bugglife
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    All the precipitation that has been dumping in CA has also been affecting UT and AZ as a combination of rain and snow. All told, I'm hoping the rivers have some additional flow in the coming months, which could lead to some fun packrafting adventures before it gets too hot. Stay tuned for some upcoming trip reports from the Southwest!

  • TenDigitGrid
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    Here in San Diego its been super rainy. Been on the lookout for paved "trails" lol

    Can't complain too much, we need all the rain we can get though!

  • AnnieLe
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    Here in the scottish highlands spring is always a mixed bag! We are about a month behind the rest of the uk, our mountains are still full on winter and look amazing against the green forests lower down. But im getting excited for it to melt so i can do some big high level runs after work and squeeze in some cheeky school night camping without having to worry about winter gear :D

  • Josh_Sheets
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    Well, being from the flat coastal shores of the Mid-Atlantic, spring has started in earnest here. There are birds chirping, daffodils blooming, and the buds on trees are present!

    One of my favorite and close State Parks is the Cape Henlopen State Park. It features towering dunes, pristine beaches, rustic amenities, and also boasts history dating back to WWII with it's lookout towers and Fort Miles (complete with gunnery installments!). The trails in the Park are varied in length and sights from salt marsh vistas, towering pines, and sandy trails. Biking is also a prominent activity. In the winter, I usually go hiking there and in the summer, biking.

  • danofosho
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    With areas of the Wasatch in Utah crossing 700" of snow this week and no sign of slowing down, it looks like we won't be going up in the mountains without skis or snowshoes for all of spring!

    I have heard great reports from areas in southern Utah but still snow in some places like Bryce Canyon. Regardless, I'm new to Utah and looking forward to getting south and being able to camp this early spring season and start exploring the state!

  • tina
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    Dreaming, prepping, planning, and obsessing over the CDT. Wyoming is my very favorite state in the nation (and I've spent a significant amount of time in all 50 so I think this is a valid thing to say!!) I absolutely cannot wait to get back out there and walk across it for the very first time. At this time in 2019, I was just about to set foot on the AT and I 2021 I was making last-minute adjustments for the PCT. I'm so ready to go! Until then, I've been doing my regular prep of running and walking as much as possible. It's hard to get time at elevation here on the East Coast, but we do have spring blooms while others are buried in 12 feet of snow, so ...