UltaMid 2 Logistics

PeakWalker Member Posts: 9

Hey, all! Just purchased an UltaMid 2 and am looking forward to putting it through its paces this year!

I'm currently planning to use the UM2 with the normal two trekking pole set-up. I do a lot of mountain climbing and some lighter mountaineering and sometimes use at least one trekking pole while navigating up/down some of the peaks.

My question is this: If you're wanting to leave the UM2 set up in a "base camp" sort of a situation so camp is set up and ready when you get back after a long alpine climb, what's the best way to deal with that when you've got to take one or both of the trekking poles out of the tent during the day? I've got concerns about leaving the tent essentially collapsed without poles while I'm away - I figure the inside of the tent/insert would likely get wet on the ground if it rained outside during the climb, etc. I don't know that the UM2 could stay "set up" in any moderately secure way with just one pole since it would have to be pitched shorter than the design calls for if one pole was taken out.

So, is there any solution to this without having to get a separate, dedicated center pole for the UM2? I figure if I had a separate pole just for the tent I could easily use my trekking poles as needed elsewhere since they wouldn't be tied up in the set-up of the tent, but I'd prefer to save the weight and not carry an extra pole if there's any way around it.

Hope that makes sense, Thanks for any help you can give a new UltaMid 2 user! :)