The Chit Kit or Super Dooper Pooper

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With the first step onto any trail, people always ask, “ Does a bear Chit in the woods?”

The answer is absolutely!

What about Cats, and why do they dig holes?

The answer is also yes, and the hole is to help keep all other trail animals from stepping in Chit and making a whole mess of their expense shoes, and bringing brownies back to the campfire!

What about hill sides on the AT?

Yes, Chit runs down hill!

Not being a bear, Chit-ting on a hill side is a challenge! Do not fall down, or you may know the real meaning of wipe-out!

Now for the practical kit for Chit!

Buy yourself a short piece of climbing rope (12-20 foot), wet wipes, small pouch with clips or mini carabiner to hold Toilet paper/ wet wipes. Tie the rope around the tree, tie a snug bowline knot around your chest with the other end of the rope, clip on Toilet paper pouch ( critical step), lean back against the rope tied to your chest and the tree while hovering over the cat hole you just dug, lean back and embrace the Chit in the woods, or the chatter of the birds and finish your business. Do not forget to cover the Chit, or the birds will chatter and rat you out to the rest of the forest.

Untie all knots and secure your Chit kit! If you demonstrate your perfected technique back at camp, you will be forever known as someone who has their Chit together!

Remember, hello Kitty is much better than hello Chitty.

if anyone asks, tell them, “Nobody” cares! That is how you know such things!

This technique even allows you time to read the Wall Street Journal on your cell phone, but don’t drop it in the Cat hole, or you will really learn why cats cover it up. Besides you will feel the cat scratch fever buildup as you are really pissed at yourself for dropping your phone. Good thing you bought the idiot proof Apple care for your phone.

Happier Trails and tall clean Tales,

Nobody !


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    nobody Member Posts: 4


    please simulate this at home and you will perfect your knots to perfection and can add a butterfly knot and a Stopper knot for faster deployment of your Chit Kit!

    You will love hearing people say, “I wish I knew this technique 20 years ago!”

    slow down and look around!

    lite is right, but you will miss the little things viewing only your feet and trekking poles.

    share your Chit-ie knowledge with everyone, and you may never again have to say “I took the road less traveled, and that is why this brown stuff is on my shoes!”

    Nobody Special!