"Appalachian Trail officials eye permanently closing once-popular Overmountain Shelter barn"


Read the full article from the Asheville Citizen Times here! Photos included are from the article.

This was the very first shelter I slept in on the Appalachian Trail back when I was 14, 11 miles from Roan Mountain, and I have mixed feelings over the likelihood of seeing it close after 23 years.

But my nostalgia can't solve snapped support beams and with the structure literally sliding down a mountain, it seems there's not much to be done. It was interesting learning a bit more about the history of this shelter, and I the seed is planted for a dedicated trip for a final glance at where I spent first night on the AT.

Does anyone else have fond memories of this shelter they'd like to share?


  • pauldavies
    pauldavies Member Posts: 1

    Slept there on my attempted thruhike back in 2010 and again a few years back

    It’s now unsafe and needs to be torn down.

    perhaps the Conservancy can recycle the good wood and recreate a smaller version of the famous’ red barn’ on the same site?

    nice views up there too