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Outdoor Gear Exchange, Burlington, Vermont

There's just something about having a killer gear shop nearby. They're the places where you can resupply or satiate your relentless need for a new bit-o-kit, but they're also community spots where you can mingle with like-minded enthusiasts that spend time exploring some of the same areas you do, gather intel, and solidify a relationship with "your person" that has earned your trust as a reliable expert. Maybe you don't need anything at the moment–you just know what kind of beer the staff likes to install during those coveted, after-hours "back of the shop" invitations you've earned by being such a loyal customer.

Here's a chance to sing the praises of your "Third Place"!

Where is it?

What do you love about going there? Who is "your person" or people?

What are some of their offerings or services that make them special?

What's the best experience you've ever had there?

Why should it be on Trailhead members' radar?


  • Danimal
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    Nomad Ventures,

    Small shops but they handle gear and good clothing not fashion! Four shops in California: Escondido, Joshua Tree, Idyllwild, and Temecula. Focus and available items vary by location relative to local prevalent outdoor activities but they handle HMG and other UL brands at some.


  • bergstromra
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    Used gear shops have my heart. Wonderland Gear Exchange in Seattle is my closest go-to shop but Next Adventure in Portland also deserves a shout out!

  • AustinHager
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    After working in several shops over the years, and having a strong passion for outdoor experiences and gear it can be challenging to find stores that have the gear I am interested in, as well as knowledgeable staff that can truly educate based on their own experience. Being in a relatively rural setting it is a treat to make the trip up to Banff to visit SkiUphill. They are all exceptionally strong athletes and know the essence of ultralight and what it entails. While it is focused on running and touring they have a vast amount of knowledge that transfers to nearly every mountain sport.

  • DannyCo
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    Always small local stores. I don't think I've ordered a single piece of equipment online since lockdown was lifted

  • scottgravatt
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    Next Adventure, Portland Oregon. Best of the Best.