Ok how about anyone trying: INFINIT?

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1/ 10/23

Anyone try infinit meal replacement? Thanks.


  • will_peterson
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    Hey there, sorry I can't believe I just saw this question! Let me tell you.

    I've been using Infinit for 4 years now on my longer efforts and longer training runs. My efforts are usually very long and slow, and they often last multiple days. I mention this because that is the context in which I've used Infinit. I can't speak to its effectiveness for shorter/faster efforts.

    I LOVE Infinit. Once you get a custom blend dialed in (which they help you figure out for free), it makes the nutrition process so easy. I have gone up to 6 days in a row using almost exclusively Infinit and pulling 40+ miles per day. I've also used almost exclusively Infinit for 100 milers. I say "almost exclusively" because I find that it's nice to chew something once in a while, not because I actually needed anything else. Can't recommend highly enough, it really works as advertised.

    Couple of downsides I'll mention because everything has downsides. I find that once in a while my mouth can get dry while using it. Usually drinking some regular water fixes it. One other thing is that once in a while it makes me a little nauseous for the first couple of hours of an effort. I think this is due to my stomach getting used to the liquid. It happens maybe 5-10% of the time, it never leads to vomiting, and it always passes after a couple of hours.

    Let me know if you have any questions about it!