HMG Gift Ideas

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Here's some of my favorite Hyperlite products that would make amazing holiday gifts.  

Gift Ideas:

  1. Southwest 55 pack - perfect for the multi-night backpacker, this 55L pack is only 2lbs and will hold everything they need for 3+ night trips.
  2. Camera Pod - perfect for the adventure photographer, these come in two sizes, one for smaller cameras like the Sony a6000 and the large for full frame cameras like the Sony a7iv with a 24-70mm lens. 
  3. Daybreak Day Pack - perfect for the day hiker or commuter looking for a small and light pack with lots of pockets.
  4. Bottle Pocket - perfect for through hikers and backpackers who like to keep their water close and don't use a bladder.
  5. Ice Pack, Prism, or Porter packs - all of these are great for climbers, the Ice Pack and Prism are perfect for alpine ice and glacier climbs. 
  6. Junction 40 - perfect for everyone, this is my favorite pack and it works well for anything from day hikes to 1-3 night backpacking trips.
  7. Ultamid 4 - perfect for campers, backpackers, and mountaineers, this tent holds up well in stormy conditions and is great for snow camping.