Double Quilt Request

skyestoury Member Posts: 36

Dear amazing Hyperlite designers,

Please consider making a double quilt (if you haven't already). This past summer and fall I got to try out a Therm-A-Rest double quilt that is 20 degrees and it was a game changer for me and my partner. We love sleeping with a double quilt or double bag when backpacking and it really helps me stay warmer as a cold sleeper. I think something in the 15-30 degree range would be great. I know you can make one a lot lighter and more packable than my Therm-A-Rest and would love to try one out if you ever do make a double.

I know Zpacks and others do make double quilts so I hope it's something HMG will consider now that you have two quilts in your line (which are amazing). I love repping HMG for all of my backpacking needs, pack, tent, quilt, and would love to take out a double quilt. They really do keep couples cozy in the backcountry.

Thanks for the consideration!


  • Jessicaholly88
    Jessicaholly88 Member Posts: 47

    I second that! Me and my partner also love double bags it helps keep us so much warmer being able to share in the cold rather than having 2 separate bags! Total game changer for the colder months!

  • bergstromra
    bergstromra Member Posts: 20

    Yes!! Or consider making a wide option. My dog refuses to sleep in his own bag so whenever he tags along I have to make sure I pack out the right sized bag to fit both of us.